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A Brief History of the C.A.C. Axe Company of Holbrook, Massachusetts

Project type

Text - A member of the "Brief History" Series


November 2023

The history of the C.A.C. Axe Company, also known as the Collins Axe Company, is complex and filled with situational occurrences that lead a researcher down winding paths, misinformation, and frequent dead ends. Throughout the company’s lifespan of less than 20 years, it was noted as being located in no less than 14 locations. Most of the addresses to these places were business offices, others manufacturing facilities, and yet another a Wholesale Hardware business. In that time, it was associated with 5 business names, 3 of which were officially incorporated, the other 2 simply unincorporated subsidiaries of a larger manufacturer. The leadership of the company during its years of manufacturing constantly changed, with directors, investors, and leadership roles frequently coming and going, changing roles, and leaving entirely. This brief text explores what is known about the people and places behind the company, during both its incorporations.

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