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A Brief History of the Mann Family and their Involvement in the Axe Manufacturing Industry

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Text - A member of the "Brief History" Series


October 2023

Of all the great axe manufacturing families of the early United States, the Mann family may have been the most frequently noted, as well as the most varied. From modest blacksmithing shops in New York, to the mighty Mann Edge Tool Company of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, the works of the Mann family supplied a large percentage of the tools that fueled the early timber industry and forged the country we know today. Despite their obvious contribution to the development of the industry of axe production and the industries that benefited from their work, individual family members are often confused due to changes in production location and for the simple fact that many were named similarly. This modest text attempts to familiarize the reader with the most commonly noted Mann family members who directly worked on axe production, and informs the them on a brief history of each of those men whose bare hands molded the iron and steel that many Americans still use or collect to this very day.

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