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Historic Axe Related Patents of Interest (1858 - 1985)

Project Type

Compilation of Pertinent Axe Patents


April 2023

The American axe has evolved from its European roots since the country was first formed. Countless numbers of explorers, engineers, inventors, and artisans have played a role in the development of hundreds of patterns, brands and variations of the common axe. The Founding Fathers of the United States set up the current system of patenting, trademarking and copyrighting from the very start of our Constitution, and since that day, the system has been an outlet of creativity, ingenuity and expansive thought.
Included in this book are over 150 axe related patents with numerous images. Some are from famous axe persona that played a heavy role in the history of axe production in the United States. Others are off the wall, one of a kind products that never sparked a long term production. Collectors, historians and artists alike will find interesting aspects of axe design, production and evolution within this collection of artistic images, along with brief notes on the purpose each of the patented inventions.

This compilation of axe patents is available on Amazon at the following link:

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