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The Axe Trust: The Story of the American Axe and Tool Company

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November 2023

In the late 1800s, as American nationalism was rising with the increase of industrial capabilities of the country, the competitiveness of the American businessman grew into thoughts of monopolies and price fixing. Out of a number of lines of business sprang "Trusts", or groups of similar businesses looking to economize on the growing economic trend towards tariffs on imported goods. Working against "Free Trade", these trusts used grouped tactics to decrease over all production costs, but also to decrease local competition and to set prices of their products domestically. Sugar trusts, cotton trust, agricultural tool trusts, saw trusts........
Articles from early in the year of 1890 stated "There is but one axe company in the United States, and that is call the American Axe and Tool Company". This book tells the story of the people and companies that came together to form this juggernaut company, the effects they had on the axe manufacturing industry and the outcome of the ill fated gamble that forged the companies left behind after its passing.

This self published work is available on Amazon at the following link:

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