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Woodslasher: The Evolution of an Iconic American Axe


History of the Woodslasher line of axes as well as an identification guide for varying ages of that line.


June 2022

Over the past 200 or so years, the American axe has taken shape in a number of forms, brands, and lines as it evolved from its European ancestor. Many axes have shared a similar form, but perhaps none have so evenly embodied the working-class American as the Woodslasher. From its humble beginnings as a low-end option in a diversifying industry, to its final stretch as a contender in the death throws of the industry, the changes and alterations it exhibited have pointed to its eventual longevity as well as the hallmarks of a changing world. Include in these pages are notes on its rich history, the forms it took in each of the eras it was produced in, and the attributes that made it one of the most mass produced axes of its time.

WoodSlasher, the Evolution of an Iconic American Axe, was written with both the historian and the collector in mind. Included in its page is an identification guide for estimating the date of production of Woodslashers found "in the wild", as well as a slew of historical information that collectors, researchers and enthusiasts may find helpful and informative.

This self published work can be purchased on Amazon at the following link:

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