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Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay Pattern

The Hudson Bay pattern axe has a shape based on its history, being a modified version of the French Biscayne Axe or trade axe. It has a “tomahawk” appearance, with a short poll that is shorter (top to bottom) than it is long (front to back) but that holds distinct mass compared to its ancestors. The butt is usually flat. The cheeks and bit form a triangular progression on the front of the head. The bit is typically concave. Its beard is distinct and drops drastically. The top edge may be flat or raise slightly to meet the toe.

    The pattern is a direct development from poll-less varieties of trade axes such as the French Biscayne Axe. It was developed and distributed by companies like the Hudson Bay Company during the early exploration of North America by Europeans and was a common site amongst early pioneers and trappers.

   The included image is an artist rendition, and was drawn as an example from a single specimen.

(As always, please remember that there is significant variance in the patterns made by different manufacturers, and this description is merely a guide for assistance in identification.)

Hudson Bay
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