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Rafting Pattern

The typical rafting pattern axe head weighs 4 to 5 pounds, but, along with having a unique shape, has a hardened poll along with a hardened bit. In form, the rafting pattern has a short, wide poll that holds a great deal of weight. The edges of the poll are generally noticeably tapered. The bit is taller than the poll and is not generally convex or severely curved.

   The original intended user of the rafting pattern were loggers working “rafts”, of masses of logs transported by floating them down waterways. To attach these masses of logs together, some logs were affixed to each other by eyed protrusions that were driven into the wood and then chained, cabled or roped together. These pieces of hardware were driven into the wood using the poll of an axe, so the inclusion of a hardened poll was a benefit.

   (As always, please remember that there is significant variance in the patterns made by different manufacturers, and this description is merely a guide for assistance in identification.)

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