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Rockaway Pattern

The Rockaway is one of the most frequently misidentified axe heads. It’s sometime easiest to distinguish a Rockaway by comparing it to a Jersey pattern from the same manufacturer. However, the following attributes should be noted. 1) The Poll of the Rockaway will be shorter (from top to bottom) than the Jersey pattern. 2) Lugs/Ears will be present. These are typically rounded; however, Rockaway examples have been noted with pointed lugs. 3) The angle of the beard from its junction with the lug to the heel is greater than a typical jersey. This leads to a more drastically inclined beard. The beard is generally concave, though some manufacturers represented their Rockaway pattern with a straight beard. 4) The bit, from heel to toe, is significantly larger than the poll height.

*** The TRUE Plumb Rockaway is distinct from the TRUE Plumb Jersey in both attributes #1 and #4 ***

   The Rockaway axe/pattern is named after Rockaway, New Jersey, where the McKinnon family built a business that had a significant turnout of axes of tis pattern. Though similar axes were made prior to McKinnon’s business, it has been said that between the first 2 generations of McKinnons producing the axe, they refined the pattern into what it is known as today. Their business was at one time known as the McKinnon Rockaway Axe Company, further engraining their influence on the pattern.


   (As always, please remember that there is significant variance in the patterns made by different manufacturers, and this description is merely a guide for assistance in identification.)

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